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Weeping Japanese Maples are known for their cascading branches that droop when in full bloom. Their beautiful foliage produces brilliant reds and purples throughout most of the year. Due to their color and appearance, these ornamental trees are a popular choice as a focal point in landscape design. Trees reach an average of 10' tall with a 10' spread, and can be pruned in the Fall to keep their shape.

Weeping Japanese Maples thrive in full sun with partial afternoon shade, and should be planted in well-drained soil.

Hardiness Zones 5-8
Upright Japanese Maples have such a diverse range of characteristics that multiple trees can be planted without looking related. Their stunning seasonal colors are unsurpassed, ranging from bright yellows to fire reds, greens, and oranges. Uprights are fairly hardy and easy to maintain. They have a slow to moderate growth rate, and regular pruning will maintain their shape and size. Upright varieties can reach heights of 15'-30'.

Upright Japanese Maples should be planted in well-drained soil. They are adaptable in full sun or partial shade, but thrive with dappled sunshine.

Hardiness Zones 5-8